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Started by sdgathman, April 02, 2014, 08:57:43 PM

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I am about to run namecoinToBind and (if less than 10000 records) upload the zone to the free DNS service, and keep it updated.  But what if lots of people did that?  I think dns.he.net only lets one customer serve a given domain.  So I set up a slave for .BIT, the next person to get the idea would get an error.  (Correct?)  I did upload gathman.bit with no problems.  Will dns.he.net even let me upload a (non-ICANN) TLD?  Does my having a gathman.bit domain loaded preclude loading a BIT TLD?

So the real question is, can dns.he.net simply mirror .BIT (the authoritative source is the namecoin block chain), and preclude the above? Or do we just wait for a user to try it?


Got Namecoin to bind working, and there are 28000 records and counting, so mirroring that on the free DNS is out. 


Sadly, he.net refuses to be a slave for gathman.bit - saying the zone is invalid.  Is there a technical or security reason why he.net cannot mirror non-ICANN zones?  In addition to the .BIT TLD for namecoin, there are TLDs from alternate roots (e.g. .GEEK for openNIC).