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How I do to get a SE IPv6 prefix?

Started by sebastiannielsen, July 20, 2014, 07:38:53 PM

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I have selected "Stockholm" POP, but I still get a adress that is routed via USA.

How can I get a Swedish adress? That Swedish IPv6 services do accept?

I have to nullroute certain Swedish IPv6 services, that are "locked" to Swedish source adresses.
For examply my internet bank says "This service is not available in your country of origin" when trying to login.

My tunnel prefix is 2001:470:27:1c and my routed is 2001:470:28:1c.
Country is annouced as "US" when asking a IP location service which country im from.


Because all of HE's address space is issued by ARIN for the US. HE doesn't have any RIPE issue IP space.


Is it in some way, possible to get Swedish prefix assigned? I guess I could set up a BGP tunnel. But ripe requires you to be a Company (and not indivual) to get a prefix assigned.
Is it some Place that can give me a Swedish prefix, that I then can use with HE.net?