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Geolocation issues when browsing via tunnel

Started by nileshgr, October 15, 2014, 09:50:49 AM

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Hello guys,

I just started using tunnelbroker. I'm from India and the server with lowest RTT is Paris which is quite ironical since India to Singapore is a direct cable... perhaps that's just screwed up routing at my ISP or national level.

So the problem is, when I use HE DNS or Google IPv6 DNS, services (esp google) think I'm from France and serve me pages in French. How do I work around this problem? If I use my local DNS (or Google IPv4 DNS, which doesn't go via tunnel) I get proper pages obviously.

When I use IPv6 DNS, ping6 to Google is ~120ms, but otherwise ping6 is ~400ms. That's definitely something of concern. IPv4 ping to google is 80ms though that's not relevant here.



Quote from: broquea on October 15, 2014, 10:45:58 AM
I think its google.com/ncr to ignore geolocation, i forget.

That works. Currently I can't read the google.com/nexus page because it shows up in French. But that's a page or two.

What about other sites? Also given that way too many services use dns based geolocation, would it be good to use my isp dns (very fast, doesn't seem to block aaaa)? I tried streaming from YouTube via tunnel with isp dns and seemed to work just fine, in fact probably faster because HE has gigabit Internet. So RTT effect seems to be nullified.