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getting my ipv6 default gateway address

Started by vanhelsing1616, April 03, 2015, 10:40:32 AM

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i need my ipv6 default gateway address in a /64 format but when i check my ipv6 gate way i get this listed on my connection status fe80::4af8:b3ff:feaa:4285%3 on pc. on router i get this address: 2001:0558:6025:0014:39da:a311:e380:7cf7 which one do i use? i know i need the gateway in a /64 format but dont know how to convert it if someone could do that that would be great and post it.



What are you trying to do?

Your gateway doesn't have to be a public address (2001....)


I need my gate way in a 64 bit format...


You said that before, but I don't understand why?

IPv6 is 128bit.

The 64 just means you're using a /64 as opposed to a /63 or /65.

If you'd tell me what you're trying to accomplish, I can help you better.


The IP address in your initial post is for Comcast which supports dhcpv6-pd and the default path broadcast by radvd or dnsmasq should be the fe80 local link for br0. What version of dd-wrt are you running as current versions of dd-wrt for current routers support IPv6 (dhcpv6-pd, 6in4, static native) out of the box.

Note a few recent builds had a compile error which prevented radvd from starting but this has been corrected in the latest build.

FYI the post you referenced is a poor example as it's not really relevent in your situation

Also you may be better served asking how to setup dd-wrt with Comcast in the dd-wrt forums


version DD-WRT v24-sp2 (08/07/10) std-nokaid
(SVN revision 14896) for netgear wndr3300


Having a link-local address as the default gateway is not a problem. The most important thing is the router has a /64 static route pointing at the interface and the link-local address belongs to the router. I tried tp-link and also openwrt, the default gateway is a link-local address, the it is working correctly. I think you need to enter the public ip as default gateway if you want to save time for configuring a static ipv6, and easy to remember the gateway address.