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ipv6 fixed/static address on Linux..

Started by dfrandin, May 22, 2015, 03:11:11 PM

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I'm pretty new to ipv6, and have a tunnelbroker setup that works pretty sweet.. I'm interested in configuring all of my machines, mostly Linux, to have fixed ipv6 addresses rather than the dynamic ones issued by the router, so I can access them easily via v6.. My idea was to embed each machines current static v4 address into the last four hextets and use that as the fixed address for each machine to make it easy to remember.. As far as I can tell, with a /64 prefix I can do that without any problem... Not absolutely sure, wanted to run it by the "brain-trust" before I make a fool of myself...


sure. you could even use hexwords like cafe, beef, babe, dead, etc. go crazy!