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"Request Error" with DDNS update

Started by fir3drag0n, August 16, 2015, 11:29:28 AM

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I recently get a "request error" when I try to update the DDNS. I do have an Asus RT-AC66U (Merlin build 378.55). The data are as follows:

The log says:

QuoteAug 16 20:28:32 watchdog: start ddns.
Aug 16 20:28:32 rc_service: watchdog 284:notify_rc start_ddns
Aug 16 20:28:32 ddns update: ez-ipupdate: starting...
Aug 16 20:28:32 ddns update: connected to ipv4.tunnelbroker.net ( on port 80.
Aug 16 20:28:32 ddns update: bad request: Abuse
Aug 16 20:28:32 ddns update: asusddns_update: 1


I'm seeing this issue too in my Asus RT-AC87U. Tunnel endpoint updates stoped working two days ago. I've even set a new tunnel to see if there was an issue specific to my endpoint (paris), but it still did not work.


We've seen an incredible increase in the number of requests from the "ez-ipupdate" agent, of which virtually all are invalid (RFC1918 IP updates, invalid hostnames, bogus data, update intervals of a minute or less, etc.)  A less blanket block on that agent is in the works, but when 99.9% of the requests are bad and at a very high rate, we had to do something in the meantime.


Adjustments have been made to cope with the flood of invalid requests, so the valid ones should be processed as normal at this time.

As a note, the vast majority of invalid requests use hostnames instead of tunnel IDs, and IPv4 endpoints that are obviously internal to a NAT.  When configuring your update on your devices, make sure you're using the proper values!  Also only update when there's a change.


I can confirm that my Tunnel endpoints updates are working again since Sun. 22nd Augut 13:00 (UTC).
Just for reference,  Asus routers wrt firmware only requests tunnel updates when the public ip changes, but there is also a forced refresh interval every 21 days by default.