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Two-factor Authentication

Started by kcochran, January 04, 2016, 04:47:58 PM

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We've made some adjustments to the two-factor implementation to now include backup verification codes.

If you have two-factor enabled on your account, you should now see a section under it labeled: "Backup codes"

"Show codes" will show you the currently available and unused backup codes for your account.
"Reset codes" will generate a completely new set of ten backup codes for your account.

Each of these codes may be used once.

These codes exist as a means of getting into your account if you've misplaced or lost your phone with the authenticator application on it.  You may use them anywhere an authentication code is expected.

As a side note, the iOS version of the HE Network Tools app will sync TOTP credentials in iCloud Keychain, if enabled, and therefore can be an option if you tend to be prone to phone loss/damage/etc.  (HOTP based credentials are not synced, as they could get out of step)