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tunnel + native challenges

Started by CootesNest, May 31, 2016, 03:31:34 AM

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I've used a couple of he tunnels for about 4 years now. Great service.

I recently started looking at Homenet and the issues that it raises (especially how to manage multiple ISPs in anything like an automated way. So I jumped at the chance to get native ipv6 from my isp (Sky, UK).

Oops. My v6 routeing fell apart. Presumably I've not configured radvd properly for this more general case, but the multiple default routes and UGAs caused service failures that disappeared when I turned off the tunnel or RAs. However, I now realise that I also need the tunnel so that I've got a static UGA that I can get rDNS for  >:(

Is there much experience of setting up such environments (ie mixing an HE tunnel and native IPv6)? Is it 'just' a question of CPE router maturity? If it is, is there going to be the same battle over rDNS for IPv6, and hence a decent fix from the consumers' point of view being against the commercial interests of the ISPs?


I guess I'd question why you needed both the tunnel and native?

I'm no routing expert, but if you have two gateways, you need something like OSPF