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purshasing a /64 IPv6 addresses

Started by kiyer, August 05, 2016, 11:39:51 PM

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My question is that if I procure /64 IPv6 subnet from ISP,what IPv6 addresses can I give to WAN interface of Firewall and LAN interface of firewall? Considering the fact that WAN and LAN interface should belong to different subnet.
I have only one LAN subnet and hence no need for /48.



If I understand your question...

My home ISP (Comcast) gives me a /128 IPv6 address for the WAN and, by default, a /64 IPv6 subnet for my internal LAN use.

I can (and do) optionally request up to a /60 subnet so that I can have multiple subnets on my LAN.

While I suspect each ISP may be different, I would be surprised if you don't get at least a /128 for the WAN and a /64 for the LAN.


I believe that you can run all on one net instead of using subnets so every thing will be compunded to the /64 or the /128.