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No IPv6 DNS (Stateless-DHCP) since Windows 10 Anniversary Update

Started by aandaluz, August 23, 2016, 12:48:37 AM

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It seems that since the widnows 10 1607 (14393.51) release, windows does not pick up ipv6 dns servers from dhcpv6. I've seen this in my network, but I was wondering if this is a general issue.

I have noticed that on all my Windows 10 machines with the Anniversary Update, they no longer receive IPv6 DNS from DHCPv6 servers if network is configured for Stateless DHCP (Managed Flag unset, Other Flag Set in RA).  They receive IPv6 information correctly if the network is configured for Stateful DHCP.
It isn't just you.  DNS servers aren't picked up after the AU via either RDNSS (which never worked) or stateless DHCPv6.  Several others have made the same observation - something is clearly broken.




more users are experiencing this issue

A temporal fix is to request  ipv6 dns servers via dhcpv6 using the
ipconfig /renew6 command

This issue is not fixed in 14393.105 (current stable build)


The issue is still not fixed in 14393.222, this should be fixed asap by MS since they are obviously aware about it.


QuoteThank you to the folks who have reached out to me with the logs and data. At this time, the product group is investigating further to determine root cause. I will update this thread as soon as I have some more information.
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EDIT: also reported in ipv6-ops mail list   



A fix will be available shorty in insider builds. However, 14393.XXX have to wait until Q1/2017. So basically no real fix until Windows 10 creator's update (1703) in march/april
So the fix for RS2 should be in the WIP builds, if not, should be in the next few build releases.
In regards to the RS1 code fix, we are targeting Q1 of 2017 as long as testing/validation are successful. Once I have an exact date and KB article, I will update this thread again.
For temporary workaround, would recommend to configure a startup script to do ipconfig /renew6 on the machines.


I have installed Windows 10 creator's update (build 15014.1000) today and it seems that the issue is fixed, as my wlan adapter configures ipv6 dns servers automatically.  Let's hope this makes it to current stable builds as soon as possible  :D
EDIT: a fix will be available as an cumulative update in march for RS1

QuoteThe fix should be expected to release with the March 20107 CU for 1607 clients if everything goes well.


the issue is finally fixed in build 14393.953 (March CU update) :)


CU? You mean Creator's Update? So that means you're on the Windows Insider program? So it's not fixed on the stable/mainstream channel?


March cumulative update.

FWIW not all of microsoft ipv6 issues were fixed.