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Tunnel from Mac on inside LAN (i.e. Mac address is NATed)

Started by aesmith, September 06, 2016, 02:19:04 AM

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I'm trying to use a tunnel from a host on the inside network here, so the host's Ethernet address is an RFC1918 private address.  Is there any additional configuration that needs to be added in addition to the sample lines given?   These are the lines I've added (with address details blanked off ..

sudo ifconfig gif0 tunnel         (using my internal LAN IP address as source, rather than the ISP external address)
sudo ifconfig gif0 inet6          (Exactly as given in the sample)
sudo route -n add -inet6 default  (Exactly as given)

Using wireshark I can see traffic from my host to addressed to the tunnel end point ( and on the firewall I can see outgoing NAT entries for this traffic.  Nothing is coming back though.

Is there something missing for an installation using NAT/PAT?

Thanks,  Tony S


Think I can see the issue, I can't NAT protocol 41 inbound if we're using PAT, would need to have a dedicated one-to-one NAT using a spare external IP (which I don't have available at the moment), or some sort of route map to match the 41 traffic.   I think this is likely to be an issue with any tunnel through a firewall.

Do HE have an option to encapsulate in UDP?