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How do I figure out which tunnel is closest

Started by mattwilson9090, September 03, 2016, 04:31:57 PM

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When I created my tunnel back in 2011 HE had fewer tunnels than they have now, and at the time the tunnel I'm using (Los Angeles) seemed to be the closest one, though at the time I probably made the choice based on geography.

Other than geography is there a way to determine what tunnel is "closest" to me in terms of latency or throughput? Obviously latency makes a huge difference on things, but since I've got a 300 Mbps fiber connection overall throughput could factor into creating a new tunnel if one is "closer".

For reference I'm near Portland, OR, so Seattle is closest to me geographically, but depending on how the routing between my ISP and the rest of the world sends my traffic to the other end of the tunnel it's conceivable that Fremont, LA, or even Phoenix are "internet closer".

I suppose pinging or even tracert could give a rough idea, but that might not be an accurate reflection of how the tunnel responds.
Matt Wilson



There could be a tunnel closer to you, but it doesn't matter if the latency is higher.  Normally closer means faster, but not always.  Look up the IP addresses and run a ping test to see what your latency is


Is there a list of the IPv4 addresses of the tunnel servers somewhere?


When creating your tunnel you are presented with the various tunnel servers and their IP addresses.