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Author Topic: Can Ping ipv6 domain names, but cannot browse websites  (Read 471 times)


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Can Ping ipv6 domain names, but cannot browse websites
« on: October 30, 2016, 07:18:34 AM »

I set up a Tunnel between my router and HE successfully, with my /64 subnet being allocated to my LAN segment. Now, my PCs (All Windows 10) can ping IPv6 domains without issues (So DNS is fine), but cannot open IPV6 websites at all. I tried going as low as 1400 for MTU (update: Down to 1280) no joy.

Packet captures show

1. Ping to succeeding
2. When opening, the TCP three way handshake succeeds, then after the HTTP GET request, re-transmissions start, after which the connection is reset by the server

Has anyone seen this happen? I don't think there's anything special with my setup.

PS: The board wouldn't let me add attachments, so here's a OneDrive link!AoqVc_KYCVoWjKBcPSQbNnZXQSch5A

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