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E-Mail test certification problem

Started by argos, March 01, 2009, 11:47:39 AM

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I try to complete the E-Mail test, but when I click the "Send It!" button got an error message "You do not appear to have a userCode/Email address set for this test" (of course, I've entered my e-mail and click on "Generate User Code" before I click "Send"). Resetting the form doesn't help at all. I'm using Firefox 3.0.6 (Linux). This is a bug or I doing something wrong?


Not certain but no user code was getting generated for you. Please try again or email ipv6@he.net your information and we'll try to replicate the issue.



I have a similar problem. I am getting the email but when I enter the code it tells me "This code does not match the code on record." I have had the email sent several times and am getting the same code each time.


I am running into the issue of when I type in my e-mail address, it validates it (or so I assume it does), and rather than saying it is a valid address, it says [Object object], and then I press send, and the button text changes to "Sending...", and thats it...nothing seems to happen, and there are no entries in my exim4 log files.


Cancel that...just like everyone else, as soon as I opened my big mouth here, the damn thing decided to work.