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Sage t-shirt re-order

Started by matth1187, October 31, 2016, 10:24:59 AM

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I myself sport my sage shirt when I can. Being white color has its drawbacks between dust dirt, flux and wash cycles ;).

HE, is there anyway we can order a new one without having to create a new account and blast through the tests? Many sages willing to pay for replacement from what i gather on my search here. Perhaps not enough demand for sage shirts to go to vendor with? or issues authenticating sage for such order?

Thanks a bunch!

Anyone else still interested in options to get a new shirt please chime.



There used to be a discussion on their linked in page where if you sent a picture of your worn shirt, they'd send you another.

I'd start there


Ever found out where to get one? I've got mine for about 11 years and wear is starting to show. And I want an other one.


Yes many years ago. And mine got a nasty stain on it also. :(