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configure ipv6 network

Started by Liuxiao1988, December 19, 2016, 10:00:11 PM

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Hi, i am new to the tunneling and trying to find a way to resolve my network issue.
Using Webpass, so I only have public routable ipv6, no public reachable ipv4.  I have a home server hosting VPN service and configured an AAAA record on GoDaddy.com to route traffic to my home server.

However, issue is many networks, including my cellphone AT&T and office, do not support ipv6; so I got dns issue when accessing my vpn.

I was informed that I could use tunneling service here, but given what has been described on forum and instruction, i think i am doing the opposite. Is it possible to set up a tunnel to the service, and point dsn to the service?


So you want the tunnel at work so you can access your house VPN from when you're at work?


Cell phone connections in particular provide extremely transient IPv4 addresses. Assuming it worked at all, the tunnel would be constantly breaking.

T-Mobile and other cellcos provide IPv6 addresses but this does not get shared in any way when you tether an iPhone. I have not tested Android recently.

I think there could be some demand (although it would be a slowly shrinking market) for a paid service, an IPv4 Tunnel Broker.