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How to setup PTR record for my domain names?

Started by Richard_K, April 03, 2017, 07:37:01 PM

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I am having trouble setting up PTR records for my domain names. I am trying to stop email providers (e.g. outlook.com, gmail.com) blocking my email messages sent from my domain name email addresses - xxx@mydomainname.com by adding PTR record for my domain names.
All of my domain names's DNS servers are Hurricane Electric DNS servers and I have setup A records and MX records for my domain names in dns.he.net Free DNS Management page and working fine.
I found the link "Additional > New PTR" and I have clicked the link to create PTR record for my domain names and the popup window is asking the 'Name' and 'Host name' for the new PTR record. But I don't know how to enter these information. Should I simply type my domain name (e.g. domainname.com) as the 'Host name' and IP (IPv4) address of my web server as the 'Name'?
Sorry for asking a basic question, please help...


PTR records (reverse-DNS) are under the control of whoever owns the IP address. If that's not you, then you need to contact your ISP which assigned your IP address(es) and see if it is something they will do for you.