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Browsing/using certain services loads indefinitely

Started by ilari, April 16, 2017, 05:04:22 AM

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I've setup HE.net tunnel at my home where I have Edgerouter Lite doing all the routing and tunnel work. IPv6 addresses are provided for each VLAN and it works almost perfectly. For plain IPv4 sites and services everything works correctly. For IPv6 ping & traceroute work, http://test-ipv6.com gives me 10/10 but browsing/using some sites and services don't work. I can browse for example HE.net services but e.g. Google, Facebook and Twitter just load indefinitely or partially. I've tested the setup with my MacBook Pro, iPad Air & Pixel XL and the problem exists on all of them. I've tried dropping down the MTU to 1280 and configuring my firewall (IPv4 and IPv6) as instructed in threads found here at the forum but with no luck. Any ideas how to fix this?