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IPv6 DHCP to my Windows DHCP Server and DNS - how do I simplify this?

Started by rowebil, July 06, 2017, 09:31:43 PM

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I don't know where this belongs -- it belongs in general IPv6, IPv6 for FreeBSD (pfSense), and IPv6 for Windows.

I just got to play around with IPv6 and what a nightmare.
I've been using IPv4 for so long, passed ALL college classes with 100%'s, students shocked when I was done first and the professor smiled after grading a test with 100%, etc.
I've been doing this my entire life.

Now I am using IPV6 and the learning curve is like coming from Dreamweaver to Drupal.

I learned that IPv6 does not need NAT, it's typically automatically assigned in most cases, and it's complicated for me lol.
I am going to keep this short and hopefully you guys can surprise me with some answers.

My home network consists of pfSense - Windows Active Directory, Windows DHCP, and Windows DNS.
Works flawlessly.
To be honest, there are more settings on pfSense DHCP and DNS than Windows, but people told me to stick with Windows because it's more seamless.

I followed a tutorial to setting up IPv6.

I have pfSense 2.3.4.
1 IPv6 Tunnel since my ISP is slow with rolling out IPv6.

LAN has IPv6 Static IP set - /64

System > Advanced > Allow IPv6 - Allow IPv6 Tunnel.

Firewall > WAN > PASS IPv4 ICMP- source being my Server IPv4 Address.

The IPv6 firewall tab I have PASS IPv6 ANY (testing).

There are SO many IPv6 addresses around here that I don't know which is which.

I learned that the one is link-local and the other is the routed IPv6.

With Router Advertisement, my phone and other devices gets an IPv6 within half a second. If I turn RA off, it disappears as quickly.
It just WORKS.

However, when I go to the list of DHCPv6 Leases, nothing is there. How am I supposed to control the flow of information through IPv6 when I don't know which client is which...?

If I go back to DHCPv6 Server and enable the DHCPv6 server, RA does it's thing and forwards it to the DHCPv6 server in pfSense.
Again, just MAC addresses. No host names. No IPv4 addresses.

I'd REALLY like to have my DHCP v6 clients go to my Windows DHCP server so that I can see who is who -- OR BETTER YET, SOMEHOW HAVE MY WINDOWS DNS AND DHCP UPDATE TO PFSENSE. So then I have hostnames in pfSense logs, I'd have hostnames in DHCPv6 releases, and plenty more.

I have been a Windows guru my whole life, but I really enjoy the look, the feel, and the settings that pfSense DHCP and DNS has to offer... but I'm a Systems Administrator who hosts his own email and using Windows is kind of critical for me.

So is there any way to redirect DHCPv6 requests to my Windows DHCP? Also maybe use DNS and DHCP relays to 'sync' information between the two?


What is your end goal?  Windows Server can handle DHCPv6 without issue.  However, your clients need to request it, and anything Windows before Windows 8 *won't* unless you tell it to.