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DNS Zone Updates not working

Started by apophis04, July 11, 2017, 02:33:39 AM

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currently updates done in the web interface seam to have no effect on the DNS servers. I have configured a new MX record but when I do

dig @ns1.he.net voidnode.de MX

it isn't shown. I also tried the other 4 DNS servers with the same results. I have some A records that I update dynamically. In the web interface I see the current IP addresses of my server but the DNS servers seam to provide the IP address from yesterday.

Could you please fix this? Thank you for your great free DNS service.  :)


Yep, stopped working since yesterday i guess.
Last actual zone update according to SOA was 20170709.

This affects both webui and dyn.dns.he.net updates.

I've also sent an email to dnsadmin@he.net hoping for someone to check this.

As was already said, thanks for the great service.