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Is an IPv6 tunnel applicable for Xbox One?

Started by PleasingSticks, October 22, 2017, 08:51:30 AM

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Hello everyone, I am a gamer established with Verizon Fios internet service and am having difficulties setting up an IPv6 tunnel for an Xbox One which technically runs on a Windows 10 OS. I wanted to know if this was possible, and if so, how would I go about doing so after creating a tunnel and an account on this website? I have an Asus RT 5300 AC Wireless Router and it has it's own designated IPv6 page offering a number of different techniques to establish IPv6 service. Those techniques are "Native," "Static," "FLETS Service," "Passthrough," "6rd Ipv6," "6to4," and "6in4." The latter three I have tried entering the information provided by my created tunnel page but a number of errors occured including "invalid IP address" and "enter a number between 3 and 126," (I believe). I obviously lack experience and please excuse the improper formatting for I am using the Xbox One to post this topic. I entered all information exactly on my router's IPv6 6in4 page as that was the only one that had all of the available options that matched the tunnel page's listed info. I would appreciate a detailed response and/or a walkthrough on how to solve this issue, thanks!



The 3 to 126 question should probably be 64.  Bits in the netmask.

You might want to write to Hurricate Electric's support desk:  ipv6@he.net to work out how to do it, and to enable them to setup an "Example Configuration" page for your box.

Alternatively, if it is indeed Windows 10, you might try the Windows 10 Example Configuration.  I believe it will fill in all your values, and you need only paste it into a privileged shell.


Terminating this on your router is probably easiest/best.  As snarked said, you should use 6in4