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Windows 10 Spring Creators Update breaks v6v4tunnel

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It seems there's a serious problem. After updating to Spring Creators Update, my tunnel is not working anymore. I cannot setup the tunnel device (adding v6v4tunnel fails). I fear this will not be resolved in the final build of the newly named April 2018 update. For now, I strongly advise against updating.

You must be on the insiders fast ring?  What build number?

Not really. I am not even registered for the insiders program. I was just quick to download ISO file before Microsoft found some problem and decided to withdraw the final status again, and to delay the update until further adjustments have been made. I am currently on build 17133.1. Well, of course it could be possible that "some problems" also include the v6v4tunnel, but I have doubts about that.

I set a test machine to Windows Insider on the Release Preview ring. Build 17134.1. Problem still existing. I'll now try Slow Ring, and if that fails Fast Ring. From what I've found out, this issue exists at least since insider preview build 17046.

Seems like this problem slipped by unnoticed. Just "skipped ahead to the next Windows release" Insider 1803 build 17655.1000, and it's still broken.

I strongly advise anyone not to upgrade past Windows 1709 at the moment, if you need to start the tunnel from Windows. Maybe this bug will cause more noise once the April 2018 update goes live, and hopefully will result in a quicker fix then.


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