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Response time for email / BGP tunnel?

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I submitted LoA for BGP tunnel on Tuesday morning and have not heard back as of yet. Sent a follow up email at noon today (48 hours after original submission) to ipv6@he.com and still no response. It may be that this is a typical response time, but I just wanted to find out, in case for some reason my emails are not being received. Is this typical, or is there something wrong? Thank you.

Ticket system hasn't seen any replies come in to the tickets for your tunnels. Might want to resend. Make sure you are replying to the automated ticket email that was generated, which will be ipv6@he.net with a ticket ID# in the subject. (not ipv6@he.com)

Hi broquea, I have already twice sent an email, and yes it was to ipv6@he.net and the first one was in reply to the generated email ticket ID in the subject.

I just resent it again twice, once from our ticketing system and once in a separate email just in case.

Our prefix and ASN are in the IRR as well in case that speeds things up.

Yeah, not getting replies to the tickets. Need to ask maintainer to see whats up. Will find out later tomorrow if our server is even getting the emails from your server.

Our server is google, our email is hosted by google apps.


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