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Stuck at the Enthusiast Level


Good afternoon,

I've been stumped for some time now and was wondering if anyone can assist me with passing the Enthusiast level.

Here's some info and where I'm at in the process:

-currently using a Windows 10 workstation
-I currently have a FQDN via GoDaddy (ipv6marshal.info) that expires in 2 days
-I have my domain pointed to HE's name servers (ns2.he.net through ns5.he.net)

Any help or support would be greatly appreciated.


Remind me what that level is?

What are you having trouble with?

Thanks for the response cholzhauer! 

So the Enthusiast level is where they validate that you have an IPv6 capable desktop and an IPv6 capable website/web server.

I went ahead and included a snapshot (attached) of what it's asking for. 

For the "Tell us what your IPv6 website is; FQDN please" I'm entering the domain I purchase through GoDaddy (ipv6marshal.info)
When I entered that in just now in the empty field following the "http://" I received a "No AAAA record found" message.

I was hoping that I could find a current guide or reference to use in order to get through this but no luck.
I found a tutorial for it if I was using a Mac but I've only got Windows workstations to work with.
The other tutorial I found online was antiquated and referred to GoGo6 which is apparently dead now lol.

Any help you can provide would be awesome, I really do appreciate you responding to me.  If there's any other info you need, please let me know.
I just got my PMP, Security+, and few other certs recently but this one is the one I want since it's a challenge that's completely stumped me.

Thanks again!

I think you have a DNS problem, see below

--- Code: ---C:\Users\Carl>nslookup ipv6marshal.info
Server:  UnKnown
Address:  2620:0:ccc::2

*** UnKnown can't find ipv6marshal.info: No response from server

--- End code ---

You may be pointing it to our nameservers and have created a zone for it, but you haven't created any DNS records. Need a AAAA record to point to an IP that will host your website for us to test. Then MX, etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.


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