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IPv6 /56 Reverse Zone

Started by mcavic, December 19, 2018, 10:55:38 AM

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I'd like to delegate an IPv6 /56 subnet to HE, but I'm not sure if HE supports that since it's not aligned on a 16 bit boundary.  If I delegate the /56, and then create zones for some of the included /64 subnets, would that work, or is there another way?



Why would a 16-bit boundary be necessary?  IPv6 reverse zones have 4-bit boundaries.....


When I create a /56 zone on HE, it's treating it as a /64 because it's separating by the colons.  The subnet is
x:x:x:6900::/56, but the web interface will only allow me to assign addresses that start with x:x:x:6900: and not 6901 through 69ff.

My thinking for a workaround is that a /56 delegation should automatically include all of the smaller included subnets, so I could just create the /64's on HE.  I can try it, I just wanted to verify before I bother my ISP with a change request.


I think you really need to take a look at the structure of the "ip6.arpa" zone.