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Is there any possibility of offering encryption on the Hong Kong 6to4 tunnel?

Started by banjo67xxx, April 16, 2019, 10:22:07 AM

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With IPv4 routing, VPN tunnels and NAT it is very easy to route traffic over the Great Firewall into Europe (even selectively using routing tables and routing marks).

Unfortunately with IPv6 I cannot route my HE/48 address via another ISP in order to "jump the wall", and this year I have noticed that the Chinese Government is now blocking unencrypted 6to4 traffic to your Hong Kong server.

Are you able to offer an encrypted connection, for example by providing an IPv4 sstp VPN through which we can tunnel to the 6to4 tunnel (Using a 3rd party VPN wouldn't work because of unpredictability and duplication of the VPN providers outgoing IPv4 addresses) ?