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Question about rdns for a ipv6 tunnel

Started by Rootax, May 24, 2019, 02:04:41 AM

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First off, sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

So, few days ago, I created a free ipv6 tunnel. Since my ISP doesn't give ipv6 addresses yet, it was for curiosity, learning new stuff, and play with the /ipv6 section of my Mikrotik router. Everything is working great, it's fast, perfect, thx you for that.

Now, by default, their is no reverse dns / ptr record associated with each addresses of a subnet. If i disable privacy extensions and randomization from my pcs, I can have a static ipv6 address and create ptr records here https://dns.he.net/  , it's working, and I get a 20/20 score on https://ipv6-test.com/

Since I don't host services at home (well I do, but using ipv4), I didn't care a lot about the hostname thing, and I was ready to activate privacy extensions again and not having a working reverse. But I realized that some website and services are kind of slow when they can't find a reverse.

So in the end, my question is, is it possible to put a generic reverse entry for a whole prefix ? I tried using a wildcard, but it doesn't work. I tried to use the Routed /64 address, but it doesn't work either...

Thx you, and thx for the free ipv6 tunnels !


A wildcard can work, but note how DNS wildcards work in general.  If you have defined any labels (even if empty), a wildcard will not match.  Your existing PTR records have 15 empty labels, then a PTR (assuming a /64 reverse zone).


Thx you.

Ok so this can work, but what do I do to make this work from the Hurricane Electric Free DNS Management page ? I don't get how i can put a wildcard in there.


I find out in the end, I wasn't looking at the right options.

If someone else is trying, go to https://dns.he.net/#tabs-advanced   , then edit your zone, and a ptr entry with a wildcard.


...And remove all zone entries other than the wildcard not at the zone apex.