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how to change ipv4 endpoint ?

Started by dominix, July 04, 2019, 02:33:17 AM

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hi everyone.
I have  a long time ipv6 address that I would like to move to a new server as I reform a old one.
the new server will have a different IPv4 addres, and I do not hacve any login regarding the assignment of the ipv6 address. however I remember it was from HE.
How do I do that ? do I need to register somewhere ?

thanks for you tips.


You will need your HE user name and password to change the endpoint.  You may recover your user name from the tunnel DNS name PTR record.


;; ANSWER SECTION: 4900 IN PTR tunnel61427-pt.tunnel.tserv14.sea1.ipv6.he.net.

how do I proceed ?


Use the routed /64 reverse.  Example: 1d IN PTR snarked-1.subnet.ipv6.he.net.