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Belgian IP Space

Started by tomsworld, September 23, 2019, 06:57:16 AM

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I ordered a tunnel on your ams pop, speed is ok.  Only the /48 is geolocalised in The Netherlands, I see you have as well a pop in Interxion Brussels, don't you have Belgian IPV6 space ?  A lot of websites are now denying content saying I am a dutch user in stead of BE.

Or is there a option to change the country of the /48 ?

Thanks a lot.


The tunnel is tied to the server you're on...you're unable to change it.


Geolocation of IPs is done by 3rd parties without asking us for information about the IPs themselves. They basically make it up as they go along, instead of just asking us. Sometimes based on RIR info, sometimes based on reading chicken bones, or maybe misreading traceroutes.


My Berlin tunnel was/is often located in Czech Republic. There are mainly three big 3rd party providers of IPv6 geolocation. You can check them here: www.iplocation.net. It helps to manually report the wrong location to them. Usually takes them about 1-3 months to update their database.

Unfortunately, Facebook e.g. is a different story. They seem to use their own database/methods and therefor always report me to being in Berlin (I am actually closer to Prague, but still inside Germany).