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Assign automatically hostnames to my IPv6 pool

Started by sholzapfel, October 02, 2019, 03:45:57 PM

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So I have configured plenty of devices with TunnelBroker from Ubiquity, Netgate to DD-WRT. Also I have delegated my IPv6 pools to "dnsX.he.net" and I have set up a subdomain "dyn.mydomain.com" of my main domain to be handled by "dnsX.he.net" by adding NS records for "dyn.mydomain.com" on my main domain.
So at this point everything is working, I can get IPv6 internet connection and I can manage the subdomain on my dns.he.net panel and manually create a hostname to my IPv6, however,  what Im trying to find out is how can I set up to automatically generate hostnames every time I get an IPv6 from my pool.
I know that this can be done with a DNS server that I can point my subdomain too, but what im trying to do is using the HE.net DNS server, I have already set my internal network to use them, both on IPv4 ( and IPv6 (2001:470:20::2).


Check out the dynamic update function on the "dns.he.net" front web page.  That might cover what you want.


Dynamic update function works for hostnames added manually in dns.he.net control panel so they can be refreshed every time the IP changes from a certain client with a help of a DNS updater software.
What Im asking is, if there is a way with dns.he.net to automatically create a hostname every time an IPv6 is given to a client for some period of time. Like if one of my IP pool user got 2001:470:22ad:16d::1fad it would assign automatically "user-1fad.dyn.mydomain.com" when you lookup for the IP.


That's not possible w/dns.he.net.  If you're using DHCP to assign addresses, you would need to run your own local name server and have DHCP send the updates to that one.


Hi kcochran,

That would be a thing since mostly of my configs are IP's given by TunnelBroker.
I know that if I set up an DHCP server with a DNS server local, and point the NS records of the subdomain to the local DNS server would do the thing, but Im trying to figure it out if its possible through HE.net DNS servers, since this could be a little bit resource hungry if you are trying to run things from a router. Even though I have managed a way to run BIND on DD-WRT with the help of an external drive :)