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How top open port 9033 for IPV6 tunnel?

Started by norin, January 13, 2020, 06:16:33 AM

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Dear all,

I recently setup my first tunnel, I enable port forwarding for port 9033 for TCP and UDP on my router. The port is now open for IPV4 but not for IPV6.
Since the tunnel bypasses my router I do not think the problem is with the router but with either the tunnel end or with my server.
I use Ubuntu as OS and tried to add specific rules to ip6tables sudo ip6tables -A INPUT -p udp --dport 9033 -j ACCEPT
in the hope this might resolve the issue, but it has not.
Any thoughts on how to open a specific port for a tunnel or further diagnose if the problem is with the tunnel or my server?
Are ports in and 6in4 tunnel open by default or closed by default, all unknowns to me :-[?




Does IPv6 actually work for you? If yes, might be a problem at HE's end. For me, all ports are open by default (with the exception of 25, which was closed by default).


We would have no blocks for such a random port as 9033.