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Using Tunnelbroker DynDNS without delegated domain name

Started by Pentium4User, May 29, 2020, 12:41:35 AM

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I like to use one of my tunnels at a location where the provider changes my IPv4 every time I dial in using ADSL, I can't change that.
I like to update it via the TB DynDNS method, but I don't know how to set it up properly.
I don't have a domain name, although I might register one for free, If sb. knows where.
Is there a possibility to update the Tunnel endpoint IP via DynDNS without owning a domain name?
Kind regards P4User


I use a FritzBox and I have to also set a domain name, user name and password, I can't let them empty.
If I use my HE user name and password for the fields, I get error 500 badauth.
If I use other strings like "alfred" for user and pass, I get error 500 nohost

As domain name I used a free domain name from dynv6.com
I also tried example.com
What I'm doing wrong?

This is the URL I use:


It properly works with the Update URL show in the Advanced section in the tunnel's settings on tunnelbroker.net.

As Domain name I typed localhost for the FritzBox.

On my Cisco I had the problem that it didn't work with HTTPS, so try out HTTP if it doesn't work.
You can also try out updating it via your browser to see if any error occurs.

It is highly recommended that the firmware of the router is up to date. TLS 1.2 is needed for HTTPS URL.