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Some known ipv6 websites (including he.net) doesn't load

Started by thebas, April 16, 2024, 04:00:53 PM

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Hello, Trying to make progress on IPV6 certification, I can never pass the explorer level because the page can never identify I'm using IPV6.

I have set up a 6in4 tunnel on my mikrotik router, everything looks fine. I got an ip address on my desktop that was advertised by it.

I disabled IPV4 on network interface properties to make sure I was using IPV6.

I can access a lot of websites, like google search, gmail, youtube, whatsapp, wikipedia and some others. I can use microsoft teams, whatsapp application, microsoft outlook (can send and receive email), but some websites that I'm sure are IPV6 ready, like he.net and ipv6-test.com, does not work, the page keeps trying to load until they time out.

Does anybody knows how can I make it work, so I can finally pass the explorer level?



Lower your MTU, start with 1280 (the minimum required by IPv6) and go up until it fails.

Please make sure to change it on BOTH ends of your tunnel.