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IPV6 Certification - Administrator help

Started by AMitch18, July 15, 2020, 09:33:50 AM

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I have a hmail server running on my Windows 10 machine and I am able to send emails successfully to my account. However through he.net when I am trying to send the user code I am getting

"Error connecting to remote host: Connection refused".

I am able to telnet to my domain on port 25 successfully, why is it failing for he.net?



You can send emails from where?

Is administrator the level where you have to have an IPv6-enabled mail server?  Is it listening on IPv6? What's the domain?



I have the feeling, HE blocks the port 25 on ipv6 tunnels by default, you have to specifically go into your's account settings and set it to "unblock"
it is in "advanced" setting tab



From FAQ (https://ipv6.he.net/certification/faq.php):
I can't send email via IPv6. What's wrong?

Due to a high and persistent amount of abuse, we had to filter SMTP (tcp/25) connections by default. If you're not providing email service yourself, you should be able to use port 587 instead to your provider's email server. If you are providing email services over your tunnel and need port 25 opened, please send an email to ipv6@he.net explaining your situation. We will normally require completion of the Sage level of the IPv6 certification prior to removing this filter. NOTE: this filtering does not affect the SMTP-related tests on the IPv6 certification program.