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Secondary DNS: race condition with denic .de domains

Started by crystalnet, February 15, 2021, 01:51:28 AM

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interesting issue, i tried to setup he as secondary DNS for one of my domains yesterday (.org) which worked perfectly fine.
Now tried to do the same with one of my .de domains today and noticed the following requirement of denic which kinda renders hurricane's secondary DNS useless for .de domains:

- DEnic requires the zone to be available on the "to be added" nameservers before adding them to the glue.
- HE.net requires nameservers to be added to the GLUE of a zone before triggering an AXFR request.

Is there any hidden feature that is usable to solve this race condition? :D


[UPDATE] solved it myself with the following steps:
- add HE master zone
- update GLUE at denic
- DELETE zone from HE
- Add as slave zone

Pretty weird but it works now