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Print out version?

Started by Hannemaf, April 21, 2009, 11:39:44 AM

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I know this is more about fun than anything else. But I think that a print out version of the Certificates would be interesting as well.
I spoke about this tests with some people, and always got the replies"Hey that would be something you could use for the job to show the boss that you have done some further qualification." or "Do you think I could use it as an additional certificate for the next job application?"

So what do you thing about a version to print out with some information about what the user had done so far? similar to the scoresheet.php if everything is shown?

cu Hannemaf


I think this was brought up internally already, and are looking at the diploma-style image getting blown up to fit and look correct on 8.5x11.
I mean, the cert isn't accredited or anything, but there are probably a few who might want that.


Quote from: broquea on April 21, 2009, 12:04:49 PM
and look correct on 8.5x11.
and mayby 210×297 mm = 8.27x11.69mm A= A4 = EU side of the globe

Also personal info instead of (or apart from) usename.


Right, the option to display the real personal details would be important as well.

Years ago I loved to have the Seti@Home certificates on the wall. Even if it isn't an official accredited certificate, the people are right if they say they had to do something for it. Sure, there are ways for cheating, but you could add an information about the domain which was used for the tests.
If you put a ID number on the certificate, you would offer a way to validate the certificate.

It still wouldn't be the ultimate way to prove something, but at least a bit.

I understand that this is for fun, but as I wrote already. Everybody who got more than the NewB points did something to reach a goal. But I still don't like the idea that people could pretend, that they got a Guru rank and have this certificate on there wall, but don't have a clue what IPv6 is.


I know that there are some legal issues involved in this stuff but maybe this shows better what I think of.

The certificate would have 2 dynamic parts similar to the existing buttons, but instead of the user name the real name will be shown and the rank.
Below that the text of what have to be done to reach that rank and the number of points. I guess a mentioning of the maximum number of points would be a bit useless. There are to many ways to get more points without (I guess) reaching a new rank.
But points are always good to show sooooo... lets say that's the fun part :-)

And below that is the fine print. There is a place where the user name and the certificate ID could be placed.

Just click on that picture to get a bigger version. This is only a version to clarify what I meant and clearly nothing that shows how it should be done. For example the fonts should be different to be better readable and my colour combination is horrible.

cu Hannemaf


If only people didn't submit fake names or gibberish. Then again they probably wouldn't want/get one.


Whatever is decided on size, note:

1)  8.5 x 11, or A4, or whatever - Many (laser) printers have non-printable margins set, so the actual image should be closer to 8 x 10.5 to account for a 0.25" margin.

2)  Those who will print may want to frame it (else why print?).  Standard picture framing sizes (in the U.S.) are 8 x 10 and 9 x 12.  The latter, being larger than the paper, isn't a problem, but the smaller one may be.

3)  Perhaps the best choice of format is as a .PDF file, which can be "resized to fit" upon printing.  I think that might be better than a 'fixed" graphics format like .png, .gif, or .jpeg.


Right, either DIN A4 or the US equivalent would be good.
I would say that PDF would be the best format.