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Updating dns domain for certification...

Started by MaZe, August 21, 2021, 04:41:47 AM

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I've been guru for over a decade, and I'll never make sage, since ipv6 glue for my current domain just isn't going to happen.

How do I change the domain for certification purposes?  I can't seem to find any settings/configuration pannel.


I think you *can't*.  I think you have to reset the test back to the first test that requires the domain info, then run back through the steps again.


Ok, I'll bite.  How do I do that?  I don't see any options to go back to an older test, reset anything, or restart from scratch.



Quote[IPv6 Certification]
I was hoping to change my domain name that I submitted during the Enthusiast level. Can you help me?
Unfortunately, we don't allow the domain name to be changed once submitted. However, You can reset your certification level back to the 'Explorer' level. Simply log into your account and visit http://ipv6.he.net/certification/reset_explorer.php. Please remember that once you set back your certification level, you must retake all the certification tests.