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Im behind NAT connection.

Started by KenWeiLL, June 25, 2009, 01:51:45 AM

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My ISP is SmartBro.

But I don't have a static public ip address. They say that SmartBro connection is NAT type. All of us in our area got the same public IP address.

The only different is, our private address. It's like we're under some kind of WAN connection.

All of us in our area, when trying to access danasoft, all gets the same public ip address.

but if you check our network interface, my IP address is: with subnet mask

can i still avail of this server even if this is my case? how?

im stuck in IPv4 endpoint. What should I enter there? If I enter my public ip address, im not the only using that public ip address. if i enter my private address, it wont work neither. with error "Error: Your IPv4 endpoint is unreachable or unstable. Please make sure ICMP is not blocked. "

what should I do then? if i open services like web server/game server in my pc, I need to use Hamachi in order for others to access my webserver and gameserver. of course, the client also have to use Hamachi.

also, Hamachi IP is not accesible from outside hamachi network users.

I also did the:

ipv6 install
ipv6 rtu ::/0 2/:: pub
ipv6 adu 2/2001:470:18:10d::2

to no avail.

what should I do?


Likely the NAT is not routing the protocol 41 traffic back to you.  For that to work, you really need a static destination NAT for proto 41 placed on the ISPs firewall and directed to your host.  In all likelyhood they won't do that for you.  6to4 wont work either for the same reasons.  So, your choices are:

  • See if your ISP does IPv6 natively (doubt it).
  • See if they'll forward IP proto 41 to you (really doubt it).
  • Try Teredo.  Teredo works by encapsulating v6 traffic in UDP packets and uses various Teredo Servers and Teredo relays on the internet to get the traffic back to you.  It's like 6to4 on steroids, designed to allow typical ISP NAT users to automatically tunnel IPv6 through IPv4.
  • Switch to a better ISP which gives you your own public IP so that you can do your own port forwarding (or initiate the 6in4 tunnel from your router/firewall).

Those are about your only choices barring doing something really creative like tunneling your 6in4 through some other sort of tunnel which uses UDP or TCP as a transport, or something along those lines (and of course doing stuff like that would result in suboptimal performance).

Teredo is probably your best bet.  It ships with Windows XP, Vista, Win7.  All you should have to do is turn it on, and if things work through your ISP correctly (as long as they don't run symmetrical NAT) it should assign a Teredo IPv6 to your Teredo virtual NIC and you should be able to reach stuff via v6.  

It can be as simple as this command:  netsh int ipv6 set teredo client

But you may have to set other options such as the teredo server host to use (it should default to teredo.ipv6.microsoft.com which should work for you, but you may want to pick a server which is geographically closer to you, if there is one.  Looks like you're in the Philippines.)

Have a look at these links:


If you're a Linux or BSD user:  http://www.remlab.net/miredo/  (Lin/BSD Teredo implementation)