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Routing issues towards contabo hosts?

Started by mauzer, November 28, 2022, 01:59:23 AM

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As of yesterday, one of our servers using IPv6 via HE cannot reach a VPS we have at Contabo. Traceroute stops somewhere around twelve99.net, two hops after as1299.gige-g2-9.core1.fra1.he.net.
We have no issues from other IPv6 nodes, while a second TB connection (my home) cannot reach the host as well!

Is there something on HE side?



same problem here (I have a VPS in Düsseldorf Contabo datacenter).
The cause seems to belong to Contabo.
I contacted Contabo support but so far I have not received any confirmation regarding the cause (nor regarding the existence of the problem...).
In any case (and I think it's not accidental) two days ago Conbabo communicated (see "Scheduled Maintenances" here:https://contabo-status.com/) that it had scheduled (for next Monday) a network maintenance intervention.


Problem solved.
As expected, it was evidently a network problem on the Contabo side.