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/48 blocks not available?

Started by finitud, April 29, 2023, 05:03:18 AM

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I'm new to the tunnelbroker service, so apologies if this is obvious.

I have created two tunnels to two different locations, and initially requested a /48 block to one of them. After configuring my systems, I decided that I needed the /48 on the other location, so I tried adding one. It said "Error: Maximum /48s requested. Please try again later.", so I assumed I can only have one /48 in total. Fine, I remove the /48 from the location where I don't need it, try again... "Error: Maximum /48s requested. Please try again later."

Now I get the error no matter which tunnel I try creating the /48 on. Did I screw up my only chance to set up a /48 block?