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breaking up a /32

Started by devroot, April 29, 2009, 08:36:45 PM

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When you get a /32 allocation from ARIN you are expected to announce a aggregated /32 prefix. Now what if you want to allocate addresses to a site that is not part of your backbone network. Everything I've been reading assumes you have a backbone network and can allocate /40's per POP then aggregate all the /40's into the /32 you announce globally. Announcing all of your /40's globally doesn't sound like a good idea so there must be a better way to handle it.


I believe the assumption is that all of your PoPs are interconnected, so the /40's can be aggregated upwards to your main PoPs, and advertised into the global table as the full /32.

I've heard it said that if that is not feasible, then you should apply for another /32 specifically for the PoP that is not interconnected, to avoid de-aggregation.