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Google forcing ReCAPTCHA on all searches from my HE assigned IPv6 address

Started by cshilton, May 31, 2023, 01:58:14 PM

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#metoo again - and yeah, the IPv6 no-AAAA hack still works.




If it helps, HE.net support told me to change my LAN side networks to my /48 routed, not the /64 default they hand you when you first created your tunnel.  However, if you're running pfSense and pfBlockerNG you can give this a try... https://github.com/pahtzo/hurricane-tunnel-dohdot The main issue I believe is chromium based browsers have their own built-in DNS client which automatically goes for DOH-DOT by default and maybe not even against your system based DNS servers.  I've disabled my pfBlockerNG no-AAAA for google.com and www.google.com but retained my Windows 10 registry settings to disable the built-in DOH-DOT in Brave, Chrome, and Edge.  Still working just fine.