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Bug in tunnelbroker.net when updating endpoint IP from Microsoft Edge Canary

Started by sebastiannielsen, March 02, 2024, 07:32:39 PM

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Noticed a weird bug when updating Client endpoint IP for my tunnel in:
Version 124.0.2437.0 (Officiell version) canary (64 bitar)

When entering the new Client IP in tunnel settings, and then clicking anywhere else to confirm, it would just do nothing. It would only react if you entered a deliberately incorrect IP (as in... - then it would say incorrect format).

I first tought the server which sends the ICMP had changed from (my ICMP permit firewall rule is pinned to but then I looked in firewall logs and saw no rejected ICMP packets.

So apparently it would not fire a request to tunnelbroker's servers when updating client IP.

So I switched browser to a older version:
Version 123.0.2420.10 (Officiell version) beta (64 bitar)

THEN it worked to update client IP and the ICMP packet was sent.

So you might want to look into the page and check the javascript code that handles updating Client IP, and check why it doesn't work in:
Version 124.0.2437.0 (Officiell version) canary (64 bitar)
but does work in:
Version 123.0.2420.10 (Officiell version) beta (64 bitar)


That code is a simple, very basic blur(), called on every update, even the invalid IP one.  If that breaks, I'd wonder more about the Canary build having some odd issue.