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Connecting a PS3 Directly (no computer) throw a tunnel to Nexflex

Started by Rlawro, November 09, 2009, 08:20:39 AM

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I'm in Afganistan i only have a PS3 and a Broadband connection,I would like to view Movies from my US account,Is it possible to Configure my Network settings via a tunnel without the use of a computer and router I can Manualy configure my network settings with it work



Ask a Stupid  Question!!! The instructions for this tunnel broker say Copy and paste into a Command line,Can't do that with PS 3,thats why i was asking.as you can tell i'm not that great savvy about the net.But i'm pretty good at taking out, the Nut cases who are trying to get to your house,so cut me some slack.


I'm not sure if the PS3 supports IPv6 natively or not.  If it does, it likely doesn't support 6in4 tunneling.  

Your best bet would be to get a little router box which supports 6in4.  I'm not really up to speed on consumer routers which support/don't support it.  One alternative would be to get something like the smallest netbook you can find, and install linux or BSD on it and use it as your IPv6 router.  That'd give you a very compact box which would allow you to have IPv6 on your LAN, and be a very flexible router/FW (especially if u could get a 2nd NIC on it).  

However, if the PS3 doesn't support IPv6, you're still not going to be able to do Netflix.

Is there a reason you can't use IPv4 with Netflix?  If it's blocked, you could always try something like an IPv4 tunnel, or an SSH tunnel using its SOCKS capability (PS3 would have to do socks of course).  You'd need something to connect to at the other end though.

Take care over there.


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On another note, can anyone tell me how the coding works to post a webpage so it looks pretty?  (EG [link] [/link])

This forums seems to use BB(3) tags. You use the format : [ u r l = gopher://gopher.floodgap.com/ ] Descriptive Text [ / u r l ] .

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Ghah! it stripped the protocol declaration and inserted HTTP!

Not sure If the admins want us to do that, because I can then pull stunts like this: