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UPDATE - October 11th, 2007

Started by broquea, February 07, 2008, 04:44:39 PM

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I've been doing some testing on general consumer NAT/firewall/router appliances from Linksys and D-Link. What I have found is that with the latest firmware applied to the Linksys WRT54G & WRT54GL models, the appliance passes Protocol 41 traffic to hosts behind it. The same is true for the D-Link DGL-4100. The specific firmwares we tested are:

- Linksys WRT54G firmware 4.21.2
- Linksys WRT54GL firmware 4.30.7 & 4.30.11
- D-Link DGL-4100 firmware 1.6 & 1.7

This allows you to configure a host behind one of those appliances as the endpoint for the tunnel. I've tested this successfully with Linux and Windows XP. I'll work on adding configurations for hosts behind these appliances to the site, as I've found not all the examples we provide work as they are written out. The current "Windows 2K/XP" and "Linux-net-tools" examples have been tested and verified working.