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how do i clear explorer stage..pls help me

Started by MRNEERAJ, August 27, 2009, 08:11:11 AM

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till now i have point =25....  i m a newb....    now i m at this page..http://ipv6.he.net/certification/cert-main.php... pls tell me what should i do next...   i have a net connection whichis provided by ccproxy(proxy server).....  nd i have microsoft vista installed in my comp/...pls tell me what should i do after this.....


i am not at all any gudieline to follow....!!!..pls help me


OK, like I mentioned before, I don't remember which test this is...is this the one where you need to place a file on your webserver and then attempt to have HE retrieve it?


this isthe content written there inthe page i am forwarded

"Now we will need to check if you have IPv6 connectivity:
Setup Native IPv6 or Tunneled IPv6 using a Tunnelbroker
When you are ready, click this link. If you come in from an IPv6 address it will pass you along."....that is i have to get ipv6 conncetivity....... can u pls explain or just tell me the proceddings....thanks for ur concern...nd repone..reply awaited...



If you're using a web proxy, you're going to have a problem with this test.

You need to be able to connect to the web server over IPv6.  Odds are, a proxy will only have IPv4 connectivity, and therefore be unable to connect to our server over IPv6.


Yep, I agree with kcochran.

If you go to this site, do you see an IPv6 address? http://whatismyipv6.net/