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Some ideas to test connectivity from IPv6 clients into an IPv6 server (i.e. one of HE's):

Have the user
* Connect to the Certification web site through IPv6;
* FTP a file onto an IPv6-only ftp server (which HE hosts);
* SCP a file to an IPv6-only ssh server;
* Send an e-mail to an IPv6-only address (hosted and monitored by HE).

For FTP and SCP, the user could get files instead (and report the secret code, as in the existing e-mail test).

Does snmptrap support IPv6?

These tests would raise awareness of the protocols supported by IPv6.


An advanced test (guru or sage level) would be to repeat the tests (or at least one) using an IPv6 address secured with IPSec.

The mobile aspects of IPv6 are also very interesting.  Perhaps we could access a web page from a mobile IPv6, move to another location and access again with our device IP preserved (and a care-of IP on a different subnet).  But I see two problems with that -- first, I don't know of any devices to test with; and second, it's hard to find a 2nd IPv6 location around here. :-)  Both of these problems would be really nice to solve.

For FTP and SCP, it would be safer for HE to permit downloading a file - instead of uploading.  However, perhaps connecting is enough?

Yes, it would be easier to get a file, then to put one.  The file could be as simple as a one line text file with a URL in it.  The test would be to retrieve the file (using IPv6 and the appropriate protocol), cut-and-paste the contained URL into a browser and navigate.  The URL would cause your certification record to be updated.  A daily cron job could update the URL with a random code-of-the-day, to avoid cheating.

Would people (and HE) be comfortable logging in with HE certification credentials? Anonymous FTP could be used, if not, but what about SSH?

Or, since the website is ipv6 capable, check $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] of the visitor. No additional service configuration required on the part of HE.

Sorry, what would $_SERVER[REMOTE_ADDR] be useful for?
I think HE already includes an HTTP over IPv6 connectivity test.   This was recently mentioned in another topic.

Another thing that would be cool is to make a VoIP call into HE.  Or have us accept one from HE over IPv6.  Even more fun would be for HE to make a call to me and require that it be done over IPSec.


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