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looking for : 6-in-4 firewall (Windows 2000)

Started by Ninho, August 18, 2009, 04:06:02 AM

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I've MS IPv6 "technological preview" installed on Windows 2000. Can somebody recommend an adequate firewall ? Wishes :

- small footprint
- rule based, auth/deny per application
- should inspect tunneled packets (v4 protocol 41) as well as native v6.
- should also firewall IPv4 (of course!) unless it can coexist peacefully with Kerio 2.1 (doubt it's feasible)
- low cost if not free ;=)

thanks !


checked *not OK* :

- Outpost free
- LnS (not free)
- PersonalFirewall

All these do IPv6 native, but fail to check 6in4.

When I posed the question I thought there would be plethora of choices, now I'm starting to wonder if there is albeit /one/ FW for this configuration.

Send more mon\\\answers...



Why not simply use a modern version of Windows instead?


Quote from: kriteknetworks on September 09, 2009, 06:30:34 AM
Why not simply use a modern version of Windows instead?

Ya know, there is and never will be such thing as a modern version of Windows, IMO.
All versions of Windows are buggy and crippled by design, so ppl keep looking forward to the next version  :=)

In addition, (what you call a)modern version of Windows won't support some of my hardware any more. Are you suggesting I should also buy a new computer ?

The short is answer is, I shan't fork out more dimes for MS crippleware !


Interesting, yet you're using, and requesting support for, an EOL'd version of Windows, said IPv6 preview for which is not fully functional, therefore crippled.

EVERY OS is buggy, but since you require context, my reference to "modern version of Windows" means one that wasn't EOL'd by Microsoft. Whether you choose to buy a current PC is your decision, and outside the scope of this discussion.

Given your hardware constraints, perhaps you should look at installing an open source operating system on this PC if you cannot install a supported Microsoft OS. You'd get a fully functional IPv6 stack, and support for the OS.

I'm not familiar with Windows/IPv6, I can only offer alternatives to your scenario of using an old, unsupported OS, with a crippled IPv6 stack.


Kriket, I'm using not one, but many OSes, MS and non-MS, on several computers, physical and virtual. My main OS is not any version of Windows ;=)

As MS systems go, I happen to consider windows 2000 to be the best choice for me as a NT-based OS. I also run slightly more "modern" windozes, which I dislike. As for the IP6 stack, it lacks very little functionalities as far as I can tell (IPsec encryption absent, but authentication works).

I asked if someone could help me find a suitable FW for Win 2k - since the more "modern" windozes feature one of MS's. Oh, incidentally, Windows 2k SP4 is not yet out of support (still gets its lot of Windows updates once or twice a month).

Let's not open absurd polemics here, please. Should you find an answer to my question, you're very welcome to post it...