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Error on IPv4 update web page

Started by Ninho, October 03, 2009, 08:13:53 AM

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FYI, something strange occurred !

While updating my IPv4 endpoint from the web page http://tunnelbroker.com/ipv4_update.php got this strange response :

" Warning: unlink(/tmp/tb.config.change.txt216.66.80.30) [function.unlink]: No such file or directory in /home/tb/public_html/modules/tb.inc.php on line 234 "
" O.K.: Your tunnel endpoint has been updated. Please click here to go back to tunnel details"

And the update was NOT effected despite what it says above. Never had that happen before.



I just tested this page with my tunnel for home, and cannot replicate the error or error message. Have you tried a second time and been successful or yielded the same results?

Please email ipv6@he.net any bugs or problems you encounter, to open a trouble ticket.

From the Guidelines post in this topic:
QuoteIf you are reporting an issue with tunnelbroker.net please do so via email at ipv6@he.net as this address is monitored by the Hurricane Electric ticketing system and will result in a much faster response time.


No trouble for me worthy of a tt, I was able to update using HTTPS get method with appropriate params. The error occurred only using the form on the web page & should be visible for you to test.

Filling a trouble ticket would only be replicating my earlier report, I have no more elements. In any case if it was more than a momentary glitch, I guess you will be hearing complaints ;=)

Thank you.


That just looks like something or someone cleared out /tmp or deleted that file before the script tried to.


That error shouldn't show up again (for a couple reasons)