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Multiple BGP tunnels?

Started by snarked, October 18, 2009, 12:37:34 PM

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I know that users can have up to 4 regular tunnels.  Can one have multiple BGP tunnels (specifying the same AS and routes)?  If so, would HE then route packets to the "nearest" BGP tunnel server to where the inbound packets came into HE's network?  Would such a user see different "weights" for outbound routing based on how close HE's peers are to each BGP server?

I don't use the BGP feature, but classical tunnels.  However, one of my NNTP peers does use your BGP tunnel setup.  However, due to other peering and routing issues, he's seeing some strange things, like packets going from east coast to west coast and back to east coast simply because some of your peerings with other networks seem to be west coast only.  If multiple tunnels were permitted, he'd engage both Ashburn and Fremont BGP sessions and perhaps be able to avoid traffic crossing the country twice.